Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It is interesting that more Filipinos abroad are more tuned in with the political developments in our country than the Filipinos living IN our country. To my amazement, a traditionally apathetic friend asked me questions about conspiracy theories and term extensions which honestly, I was not aware of.

Friend: Ano yung Oplan August Moon?

Pansitlove: Huh?
Friend: Yung Oplan August Moon nga!
Pansitlove: Hindi ba yan bagong chapter ng Sailormoon?
Friend: Ay
ewan ko sayo!

Para hindi naman ako magmukhang tanga at nagtayu-tayo pa ako ng isang socio-political commentary blog, I did some research. Here's what I gathered:

According to the New Philippine Revolution by Patricio Mangubat, Oplan August Moon (apparently not an upcoming chapter of Sailormoon, a popular Japanese manga) is a supposed plot aimed at installing members of the Philippine Military Academy Class 1978 in key positions as part of a scheme to kee
p the President in power beyond 2010.


Keep this monster in power beyond 2010
Ang Ating Mahal na Pangulo Gloria Macapagal "Pikachu" Arroyo (electric, di ba?)

through a self-coup with the help of these monster-members of PMA Class '78:

- 11 generals from the Philippine Army:

- 7 generals from the Philippine Air Force:

- 5 generals from the Philippine Navy and 1 general from the Philippine Marines:

The plan will be implemented after passing House Resolution 1109. It will be qued after the failure of the proposed automated elections handled by the Comelec which was all over the news this morning when Total Information Management Corp. (TIM) informed Comelec that they were withdrawing from their partnership with Dutch firm Smartmatic International citing irreconcilable differences. This failure of the Comelec just shows that the entire thing was a setup, a design to really sabotage the bidding and compromise the elections in May 2010.

These evil people (coz I can't call them sons of bitches and greedy assholes on my blog) will be orchestrating an environment of distress, chaos and confusion, with reports of bombings, attacks on key government officials and members of the media.


Parang deja vu! Hindi ba nangyari na to dati (anak ng sisiw sa loob ng balot ni Mang Roger!!!) kasi parang- napaka pamilyar. Parang katulad siya nito. Shets! Si Apo na lang ba ang Original Prankster dito sa Pinas? Wala ng bang IBA?

Hmmm... Anyway...

Pagkatapos pagmukhaing dekada sitenta ng mga evil people (kasi hindi ko sila pwedeng tawaging mga gahamang anak ng ****ngina sa blog ko) na yan ang Pilipinas, they'll implement Martial Law na for 60 days while Kongresistas will have a field day (60 days) raping our constitution. Elections for the new Parliamentary Government will be in 2010.

Ang saya noh?
(click ninyo ito dahil NAPAKAWALANG KWENTA NI PANSITLOVE magexplain ng tungkol sa Oplan August Moon kaya babasahin ko na lang sa New Philippine Revolution)

Yes, Ang Ating Mahal na Pangulo wants to stay in power way beyond 2010. They say its not gonna happen, I say, "*****na nyo! Manuod nga kayo ng balita sa TV!"

But honestly, I never expected the PGMA or PMGMA fanatics would be this brilliantly relentless and passionate in screwing up our country for their own interest. Ma-Honduras sana kayo!

(all pictures are from pokemon.wikia.com / all characters are created and owned by Satoshi Tajiri)


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