Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The 24th of June has always been known as a pouring and water-logged day in the City of San Juan (and all of Metro Manila for that matter) for its “Basaan” tradition. Today is the feast of St. John the Baptist at in essence, feeling nating mga Pinoy na binigyan tayo ni San Juan Bautista ng power to do the same thing he did to Jesus and other converts more than two thousand years ago -- children and grown-ups alike line up the streets and generously douse passersby or unsuspecting commuters and visitors with water-- and who would pass the opportunity na makapanggago ng kapwa sa ngalan ng religious celebration. At dahil sa ibang bahagi ng Metro Maynila the only accessible water ways are its drainage systems... go figure. Hahaha!

Anyway, since I am an advocate of water conservation (simula kahapon) I decided to do my part and educate you people on how to conserve water in a wasteful event such as this.

TOP 7 Ways to Conserve Water (so you could use it for BASAAN)

7. Don't water your plants.
Let typhoon Feria do what all typhoons are made to do: water our plants. "Bakit hindi na lang yung tubig ulan ang pambasa natin?", you might ask. My answer is, "Eh ang laking ka-cornihan pala niyang iniisip mo eh!"

6. Save the water you used for laundry. Because the water has a lot of detergent in it, you can use the pinaglabahan for Basaan. More fresh clean water to use for your other stuff.

5. Take a bath together with a friend, preferably, yung barkada mo na trip mo at hindi ka sasampalin kung yayain mong sabay kayo maligo sa banyo. By doing so, you'd only use half of the water both of you regularly consume. To maximize the water savings, yakapin mo yung kasama mo while taking a shower. Just remember, don't get too cozy with your friend coz it could get really steamy. Sayang yung tubig. Hahaha! (I get it! The joke is corny)

4. Stand on a batsa while taking a shower. The batsa will catch all the used water from your bath with your libag, sabon and all. You can use this to douse unsuspecting Makati yuppies on their way to work. At least Mr. CoƱoboy won't be as pissed when he gets to his office at maalala niya lahat ng nangyari sa kanya during this momentous event. Amoy SafeGuard pa siya.

3. If you have kids, pabayaan niyo ng hindi maligo. Just let your kids out on the streets, that way, your neighbors will be the one to bathe them. It is St. John the Baptist Day anyway. Tipid sa tubig di ba?

2. Save the water you used for cleaning the dishes. Same as laundry water, but tastes like chicken... or pinakbet.

1. Save the water you used for brushing your teeth, kasama yung pinagmumugan ha. I told you, we need to conserve water.
(Sabay kindat)




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