Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Let's face it, internet age has yet to be a reality in our country. Besides the chismis from Aling Bebe (my favorite pansit and barbeque vendor), the majority of us Filipinos still rely on our trusty TV sets for news, info and entertainment. Hindi lahat ng Pilipino ay excited magkaFacebook. Face lang ni Piolo, Marianne at Ted, solve na sila.

Everything Pinoys need is on TV. Its effect is not as subtle like we think it is. It has a big hand in forming the Filipino Culture as we know it now. It also made a lot of things possible for us --cheer for our world boxing champ when he knocked the hell out of his British opponent, cry together with our favorite soap star when she decided to marry the man who donated a kidney to her lover, give a round of really, really slow clap to our liposucker-turned-pambansang porn star when he appeared in a Senate investigation... Heck! We axed an arrogant jueteng lord for a president and replaced him with Pikachu who's even worse-- That is how powerful TV is. Its not just a simple utility.

So "ano nga naman ang kwenta ng blog na to?" you might ask. My answer is "nothing". This blog would just be my avenue to air my rants and raves about facts wrapped in the edible nature of gossip that I see and hear on TV and how these affect the way I eat and sleep at night.


I think I should install a TV set in the bathroom, kahit na maliit lang. So that way, I will not miss a second of May Bukas Pa, my favorite thing to watch (when I'm not at JT's Manukan in Makati) on a weekday. Its kinda disgusting na kasi when I leave the bathroom door open so I could watch TV from afar while I sit and release all the things my stomach vetoed from lunch. (Siguro naman malinaw na kung bakit ganyan ang titulo ng blog ko.)


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