Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chiz's Fan, Team Chiz Tarlac Chapter & Me: Seryoso ba kayo?

I really don't intend to be so serious about anything in this blog because Philippine politics, though deliriously hilarious, is serious in nature. Chill lang ako palagi. But a reaction about my entry "CHIZ & I: EPIC FAIL (ANG VIRAL AD)" compelled me to give a reaction na salubong ang kilay at nakakunot ang noo. Ibang level.

Dallin, the blogger of "Team Chiz Tarlac Chapter" gave a superdooper reaction about my blog entry. It was so serious and so defensive that I'm sure she'll get a cabinet post if her Hero wins the Presidency. Lorelai Fajardo's post, perhaps. Hehehe!

At siyempre my reaction:

Dear Dallin,

thank you for visiting my blog. i'm oh so sorry that it took me almost two months to notice that i have a comment. buena mano ka kasi. hahaha!

it is such a happy thing to see when a person fight for what he or she believes in with such passion, without remorse or even sense of humor... just like what you did. i love it.

but it becomes annoying and heartbreaking at times when people get too passionate when they hear mga mabulaklak na salita such as "help you help yourselves" "build a nation" "uplift our moral obligations and a receding economy" and words alike. Talagang sige, bigay hilig!

These are the same people who cling to hope but show no understanding whatsoever.

What we don't realize is the fact that these are all motherhood statements. They don't come with concrete plans of action. Unfortunately, these words are also the words used by presidential wannabies who lack vision. They use those words for convenience because "para sa masa" is sooooo 1998.

The question is always WHAT and not WHO
Ano ang plataporma de gobierno niya? Simple lang ang tanong di ba?

Another thing,

I'm sure with your enthusiasm and your belief in your candidate, it would be almost impossible for you to change your mind, fortunately, i'm not interested in doing that. I just hope that your leader can learn from you. I hope he learns the value of fighting for what he believes in...and actually DOING SOMETHING for it, no matter how inconvenient it may be and not cover it with innocuous words for him not to offend anyone.

Halos isang dekada ng kaalyado ng administrasyon ang NPC, bakit naunahan pa siya ni Gibo to volt out.

And besides, kung nagpatuloy ang pag-upo ni ERAP sa MalacaƱang malamang kontrabida ang magiging tingin mo sa kandidato mo, pwera na lang kung maka-ERAP ka din. Pero dahil mas malala ang pumalit kay ERAP, mala-WAPAKMAN ang kandidato mo at may kamehame wave pa.

And my dear Dallin, I DON'T NEED A CANDIDATE to inspire me to help build our nation. i've been advocating for responsible and informed voting election season in, election season out. and this is doing my part to help build this nation... among other things.

ikaw? ano na ang nagawa mo? nagtatanong lang.

Good times!

Yours, truly,


PS. May regalo ako sayo. Sabi ni ng Hero mo, deins daw kelangan ituro ang trigonometry sa elementary at highschool kasi nakakabigat lang sa bag at deins naman nila kailangan yun kapag bibili ng suka sa tindahan.


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